Master Plan Development

Is there a need for Master Plan?

Alhamdolillah, there is sufficient land allocated to the Muslims of Palmerston to build the facilities to pray and carry out other religious and social activities. So far there are two existing buildings used for prayer and other activities.

There is a need for an accredited and approved master plan prepared by a professional architect to provide an optimum design of the Islamic Centre. The purpose is not to waste any land, design the buildings, car parking, landscaping and other outdoor features as per the Australian Standards, Building Code, NT Planning Laws and Islamic and Contemporary Architecture.

This is consistent with common practice by all Islamic Centres being built within Australia and other developed countries. Two recent Islamic Centres being built in Newport and Bendigo, Victoria have earned great appreciation for their Master Plans within professional circles and by some media. In a recent article, ABC News greatly admired the Master Plans of these two Islamic Centres based on contemporary architecture and called it "New Beginnings" in Australian Mosque building history. Master Plan for Newport Islamic Centre has won an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (Architecture of Faith). The mosque's plans and design process have been displayed at the National Gallery of Victoria in Federation Square, Melbourne.

Who can submit or organise proposal for Master Plan?

All Muslims, living in Northern Territory, are welcomed to submit or organise a proposal that meets the scope of the Islamic Centre Master Plan prepared by Islamic Society of Palmerston. The proposal must be received by no later than 28 October 2016 via email or in person to the ISP President, Vice President or Secretary.

This is an opportunity for everyone within NT Muslim community to seek a proposal from anyone they consider can deliver the required Master Plan. We will welcome all proposals either submitted by someone within Australia or overseas. Moreover, we will value and assess all proposals offering services at fees, discounted or no fees at all.

What is the Scope for Master Plan?

Palmerston Islamic Centre Master Plan will be the staged development of the precinct. The scope includes preparing a detailed Master Plan and to raise funds to build first stage of the Master Plan and subsequent ones.

In addition, the scope also includes DCA approval so that detailed design and building construction could start immediately after funds become available.

How the scope was prepared?

Scope was prepared in discussion with ISP committee members in two meetings.

How about any existing plans?

Currently, there is no accredited and approved Master Plan by any past or present ISP committee.

The current executive committee of ISP plans to consult and involve the local Muslim community in this process. As a first step, we have already sought ideas from the community about the facilities they consider should be included in the Master Plan. During the Master Plan development, we also intend to organise two to three review meetings inviting whole of the community for their input in the Master Plan.

Our aim is to have a Master Plan based on the contemporary architecture and building practices. Any proposal including any existing plans, which meets the scope, will be considered and provided for consideration to anyone engaged.

How much money will be spent?

We aim to spend as minimum as possible to achieve the Master Plan that is prepared and accredited by a professional architect and DCA approved. We are inviting submissions from range of sources. At the same time, we are requesting the whole Muslim Community to use their resources to seek us a competitive, discounted or no fee proposal. All proposals received by the deadline will be reviewed by the executive committee and the final decision will be made based on proposal details such as attention to details, fees and time for completion etc.

Also, DCA application and approval will cost additional to that preparing only Master Plan. However, this cost is unavoidable and is essential as part of standard approvals required under NT Government regulations for any construction works.

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